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  • Gary, indeed, I’m with you on this. However, between the US-Agghan talks, Taliban should be present. Negotiation does not mean you have to give up something to gain something, but do not expect to gain something […]

  • How can we end trafficking?   |   Social Issues    5 years ago

    Two Cents, that is very true, however closing the border will have a limited impact in my opinion as often, for example women that get trafficked, go into the country, not knowing they’re “trafficked”, and that’s […]

  • The United States has long supported opposition across the worlds. It’s becoming something of a fashion trend – bring peace an democracy, and liberalism. But as we see it does not work, it will not as the […]

  • How can we end trafficking?   |   Social Issues    5 years ago

    We can’t. It is rater impossible as it will always exist. It’s very naive to believe that some measures can eliminate trafficking. Sure, ensuring that prosperity reaches people will help, a little bit, but it will not end it.

  • Exactly, Taliban should be involved in all negotiations, for they are the missing piece in Afghan security. If Afghanistan wants peace, it has to represent all people, an by including Taliban it shall do that. If […]

  • Whilst I like the fact that now we know exactly what was going on, it is nothing new. I mean, how many people honestly thought they are not monitored? Remember the Simpsons movie? It’s nothing new for sure. […]

  • China is an independent, sovereign state. Thus I doubt that the US, or any other state can really make China conform to anything, unless of course it would be in their interest. Right now, it is in no-ones […]

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