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  • Tolerance & Race   |   Miscellaneous    6 years, 11 months ago

    I agree Ming that MSM will and have essentially ignored his switch, but what do you think Republicans need to do as far as staying on topic or pushing this across? Meaning, should they continue to do what they […]

  • SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Decision   |   Miscellaneous   6 years, 11 months ago

    The SCOTUS voided a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 today in a 5-4 ruling mainly because it was out-dated. Many liberal media personalities such as MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry were outraged about this. […]

  • Decline of the American Family.   |   Social Issues    7 years ago

    I guess water can be always be dry, but assume if you must. “Traditional” values refers to the standards and values which were embraced by most Americans from it’s earliest beginnings and throughout the majority […]

  • We have all seen how our society has become and how the culture has drastically changed. We have TV shows openly promoting and rewarding children for having children. We have decades worth of decay and a […]

  • Tolerance & Race   |   Miscellaneous    7 years ago

    Agreed, but I feel this will be another case where they look uninformed. I am sure many probably don’t know or won’t care to look at his conservative voting record or that he was once a Republican before. All they […]

  • Tolerance & Race   |   Miscellaneous   7 years ago

    Will the left come out and spew hate towards the Senator from Louisiana due to his recent decision? Does race play a role in why they […]

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  • Culture Change & Voting Trends   |   Miscellaneous    7 years ago

    @jordanbosstick @JoelleMartin Completely agree. We need to get people on the same page, but yes we must educate those who don’t care to let them know how politics affects their lives specifically. We can do this […]

  • What is your favorite way at staying involved in politics? Do you prefer to blog, do PodCasts, YouTube videos? Have you started a movement you’d like to share with the rest of the group? Do you travel to the […]

  • Culture Change & Voting Trends   |   Miscellaneous    7 years ago

    VERY great question Joelle! This comes up a lot in many different political movements and activists. We have to understand that our school systems have been teaching from one perspective for decades and […]

  • Culture Change & Voting Trends   |   Miscellaneous   7 years ago

    We cannot simply wait around every four years and then expect something to just magically occur. We have to work. We have to educate. We have to utilize our time in between those four years to become involved. […]

  • Amen! We MUST hold them accountable! We are tired of too many broken promises. Far too often during campaign time, we’re all told one thing and once elected, we see the complete opposite. The problem with this is […]

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