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  • The only way I can personally see China conforming is through government realization that the amount of products produced/created in their country is declining. China is now wanting to import american pork becuase […]

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  • As much as everyone wants to wholeheartedly believe that the President has unilateral control over every aspect of the country, this is far from the truth. The economy sucks becuase the US Gov has come in and is […]

  • big pharma is doing its best to stop people from turning to natural remedies. They’re a multibillion dollar industry that makes its money from the suffering and/or problems of the human population. When people […]

  • 3D GUNS. WHY NOT ??   |   Social Issues    7 years, 10 months ago

    agree 100%. 3d printers are the way of the future…in star trek terms…they’re the basic beginnings of replicators. i don’t see a problem with them either, if everyone has access to a gun nobody will be waving […]

  • I agree 100%. Before countries established the welfare system, churches and charitable organizations took care of the poor. Now we have a government who allocates our taxpayer dollars to others while spending an […]

  • gun control   |   Social Issues    7 years, 10 months ago

    There already are background checks when you purchase a firearm. people are upset because the ONLY reason the government would EVER need a list of people who own firearms is so that they can take them away. If […]

  • Spending out of control   |   Budget & Spending    7 years, 10 months ago

    This is a tough topic to pick one side black or white. Ben Bernanke wrote his doctoral thesis on the great depression, so he is literally one of the most well informed people out there on “the theory” of how to […]

  • Something has happened to Michael Bloomberg in the years since he established the Bloomberg terminal and was the genius of wall street. You would think that a man who made his money in the relatively “free market” […]

  • Consumer Debt Problems   |   Economy    7 years, 10 months ago

    the average consumer in america is an idiot. I think it was best stated by george carlin when he said, “think of how stupid the average person is. and then realize that half the population is stupider” (i know […]

  • also take into consideration that buffet gives an ENORMOUS amount of his wealth to charity, significantly decreasing his taxable income.

    the way this forum topic is worded is incredibly misleading

  • I’m torn on this subject primarily because of how much power big oil has in D.C. If it weren’t for the horrible environmental disasters that have plagued this country from oil spills, pipeline leaks, etc… i […]

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  • The College Bubble   |   Economy    7 years, 11 months ago

    There is absolutely no doubt that the college loan bubble will burst in the near future. How near is highly connected to wall street, the FRB, and how much money the gov wants to pump into SallieMae (SLMA) before […]

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