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  • and i just realized that during my rant i used persecuted instead of prosecuted so forgive me for that haha

  • I know I am probably in the majority with my opinion on the matter but I feel like I usually am anyways so screw it. First and foremost I don’t believe that this Snowden should be persecuted but I do believe what […]

  • The NSA, The Patriot Act, & Verizon   |   Social Issues    6 years, 8 months ago

    Gary I have nothing to say to your post except WOW. If you really think that all those things are Obama’s fault you are a truly ignorant person with a little to no knowledge of how things work. Even stout […]

  • Legalization of Marijuana   |   Social Issues    6 years, 8 months ago

    I say that we decriminalize all drugs. Below is an interesting article about how this has worked in Portugal. And as for marijuana I believe that for the most part people aren’t going to pick up and move just […]

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