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Two Cents @twocents 7 years ago

I completely agree with this. But this is true among many novels. We should learn from the stories in novels and take the lessons from them and apply to the real world. Of course there are a lot of terrible messages in novels, but these books in particular had a great message of what happens when people do not demand and preserve their freedom and liberty.

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Gary @grand-vizier 7 years ago

Both were great writers but hardly at the forefront of these kinds of predictions.
Ben Franklin said”We have given you a Republic,if you can keep it”
The founders put into the Constitution that there should be no “taking”without compensation to keep the government from stealing from the people.
At that time no one could have dreamed that the Government would ever take from some people to give to others,I
The income tax did not exist nor the concept of using people’s taxes to buy votes by giving taxpayers money away
De Tocqueville wrote that the country would self destruct”when the people discover they can vote themselves anything” 200 years ago.
There will always be more people with “less”than those who have “more”.
As soon as the money is taken from those with more a new group of more is created until ,ultimately there are only two people,one of which may have “more”.
I agree the government has real purposes but one of them is Not income redistribution which is just VOTE BUYING,
If you want to have more, do as I and all the rest of us who enjoy varying degrees of “success”have had to do.
Work your you know what off.
Lose everything a time or two.
Get up.Try again.
It’s not how many times you get knocked down,it’s how many times you get back up.
Stop thinking I “owe”you anything,I don’t.
We the people are losing our freedom to a bunch of vote buying talking heads and too many of the voters are too lazy to resist it.
Why pat attention to the erosion of your very right to your life when there’s a funny sitcom or sports event to watch.
Three cheers for Volkalize,spread the word,get involved,inform your ignorant friends from ether side of the political spectrum.
But for everyone’s sake get people to THINK and ACT,SOON!

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Gary @grand-vizier 7 years ago

Ben Franklin said “when the people realize they can vote themselves money the country will fail”
Good old Ben,mixed him and De Tocqueville up.
Did anybody else catch the mistake?


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