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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com 7 years ago

To a certain extent their are valid points to what is said. However, we have a very large portion of our population who live paycheck to paycheck and any money that they would put into a retirement account they would see as money they could use it to make their families lives better and that’s probably what they would do with it. Having it taken out before it gets to them makes it out of sight, out of mind. If this were not set in place we would have multitudes of elderly people, who are unable to work, that would be wards of the state and would have to be cared for by our tax dollars. Is it a perfect system? No, but until something better is figured out, it’s all we have.

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Chase Knudsen @chaseknuts 7 years ago

@James L. Riggs Oh I totally agree with that. I am more or less talking like, weeding it out in a primitive amount of time i.e. like 20-25 years of weeding it out until it’s gone.


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