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Avatar of Brandon Killian
Brandon Killian @brandonkillian 7 years ago

They are inmates, yes, but everyone deserves to be treated humanely. I obviously think, like most people, that Guantanamo should have been shut down a long time ago. It’s a continual failure of the Obama administration, and something that he often promised on the campaign trail.

Avatar of Two Cents
Two Cents @twocents 7 years ago

That article posted above is a crazy story! Its incredibly moving. However, I do not know if I would believe what someone is writing out of Guantanamo. Call me hypocritical in this sense, but I do not believe you end up there by chance. Regarding that mans story, he says he is completely innocent. I doubt that. However, I do believe everyone has a right to a trial. His guilt should be proven. He should not just be detained there with no trial forever. We the American people deserve to know exactly who is there, why they are there, and see them tried in a court of law. Whether that be civilian court or a military tribunal. There guilt should be proven not assumed.

Avatar of nathalie
nathalie @nathaliedacosta 7 years ago

@twocents , I agree and that’s why I said that I couldn’t vouch for the complete accuracy behind the story. It could have been written that way for a more emotional effect. But as you said, the message is clear regardless.

Avatar of Danny Foster
Danny Foster @dannyfoster 7 years ago

This article shines a very unrealistic light on Guantanamo inmates. They do not end up there on accident, as @twocents said. Each of these individuals is a threat to national security. While they do deserve basic rights, a trial is a privilege awarded to US citizens, and not necessarily enemy combatants.

Avatar of Ali
Ali @aakbar 7 years ago

President Obama’s a liar.

Avatar of Joe Perticone
Joe Perticone @joeperticone 7 years ago

danny foster a trial is not a privilege, it is a right to all people… check the bill of rights where it says “no PERSON shall be denied life liberty or property without due process of law” it doesnt say no citizen or no american

Avatar of Doug Turner
Doug Turner @dirt 7 years ago

I need to see proof that anyone is being treated intimately.


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