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nathalie @nathaliedacosta 7 years ago

In this case, I don’t think the CIA was justified — they were attempting (supposedly) to pinpoint the source of a leak. So why was such a broad search necessary? Did the government really try all other methods of inquiry before seizure of phone records? To get a subpoena, you should need extremely specific evidence and almost no alternative. This was clearly a violation of that standard on behalf of the justice department. Not to mention the failure to disclose the subpoena to AP right away!!!! This “investigation” seems like it was aimed more towards the intimidation of AP reporters than it was at maintaining security.

Avatar of Two Cents
Two Cents @twocents 7 years ago

The TERRORIST attack on our consulate in Benghazi is an example of our federal government lying to us. It is extremely frustrating that our government could push out this narrative of an anti Islamic video, when in fact, whistle blowers within the State Department are saying that this is all a lie. They knew it was a terrorist attack. However, they refused to call it that at the time because the narrative of the Obama campaign was “Al Qaeda is on its heels.” I want to know WHO CHANGED THE TALKING POINTS. That person needs to be publicly announced, and must resign from office. Until then I will not stop following this story.

Avatar of Brandon Killian
Brandon Killian @brandonkillian 7 years ago

@twocents There were obviously discrepancies….but this is just another attempt by the Republicans to take a small matter and use it to their political advantage. Everything to the Republicans is a “scandal” or worthy of Nixonian Watergate-era type comparisons. Obama’s admin is not perfect, but it’s far better than Bush’s….

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Anonymous @ 7 years ago

@brandonkillian You can’t even admit that it was a bad week for the Obama administration?

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nathalie @nathaliedacosta 7 years ago

@brandonkillian we cant just point fingers and blame it on some political witch hunt, that doesn’t help anybody. One could just as easily say that the democrats turned it into a partisan issue by attacking Romney for his early response.

This becomes like Paul Ryan in the VP debate, criticizing democrats for attacking republicans ( apparently to make up for their lack of a solid platform), and then turning around and attacking democrats. Confusing, right? It gets us nowhere.

Look at the issue at hand. In my opinion, this wasn’t a cover-up, it was a product of confusion, tragedy, and, yes, extremely poor choices on behalf of the Obama admin.

The republicans have every right to inquire about the choices the admin made, in the interest of national security and government integrity.

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Isabelle Granter @issabell 7 years ago

I’ll admit, this week has been a rough one.
But I have not lost faith in the Obama admin after string of “scandals” that, upon investigation, have yet to offer explanations that clarify the situation any more than those presented by the administration itself.

Avatar of Danny Foster
Danny Foster @dannyfoster 7 years ago

About the AP-
the reporters had held off on the story until informed (albeit not directly from the white house, but from government officials) that it was no longer a threat to national security. The abridgment of first amendment rights here is daunting. This will most certainly hurt business for AP reporters and damage the integrity of the agency.

Avatar of Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin @ktmart1n3 7 years ago

We can say this is definitely a ‘scandal’. As many Dems try to play it off as not being one, this President has NO IDEA what is going on in his own administration. And if we realize that watergate was a ‘scandal’ that took place under a Republican President, so the Republicans have every right to justify the recent events as they would like to. This administration is the most absurd administration, and all the Dems want to do is compare it to W Bush. Yes, everyone is human and makes mistakes, but it is up to us to fix those mistakes. The O Administration has fixed nothing.

Avatar of Peter Knutson
Peter Knutson @petewheeler 7 years ago

Just think, if Romney were President right now, and the IRS targeted Liberal support groups, or these other scandals happened, Romney would be impeached before we could blink. It is amazing the media bias in this country, and how one sided it is.


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