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Chase Knudsen @chaseknuts 7 years, 1 month ago

I agree with everything you said. No rebuttal here.

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kimberly @ladylibertarian 7 years, 1 month ago

big pharma is doing its best to stop people from turning to natural remedies. They’re a multibillion dollar industry that makes its money from the suffering and/or problems of the human population. When people turn to something that they can effectively grow in their backyards and has far less negative impact both physically and environmentally on people/the earth big pharma gets scared. Aside from ridiculous religious fanatics and anti drug idiots who’ve never smoked a joint in their lives, pharmaceutical companies are the ones funding anti-pot legislation, etc…

marijuana should be legalized 100% for adult consumption and taxed like alcohol and tobacco. Drug cartels will stop murdering folks when their neighbors across can go to their local store and buy higher quality for better prices.

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Brock Heubusch @brock 7 years, 1 month ago

Above is a great article detailing how the “gateway drug” argument is basically a giant fallacy that has no basis in reality whatsoever.

The basis for the argument is such: heroin addicts try marijuana before they do heroin. Therefore, marijuana caused them to do heroin.

However, heroin addicts also ate cheeseburgers and ate skittles before doing heroin. So by the same exact logic, cheeseburgers and skittles cause people to do heroin. In addition, the number of marijuana users dwarfs the number of other illegal drug users by a margin of about 10:1.

Causation does not equal correlation. End of story.

Now that we’ve put that one to bed, let’s address all the benefits of medical marijuana. The pharmaceutical and medical industries have been lobbying heavily against the movement due to how incredibly it would impact their profit margins.

Aspirin, sleep aids, pain medication, anxiety medication, etc. would all take a big hit in sales if cannabis was to become legal, because it is free–any idiot can throw a seed in their backyard and have a reasonable alternative to all of these things in a few weeks.

Perhaps the medical industry’s biggest skeleton in the closet? Cancer. Yes, cancer. THC and CBD, the most prevalent active ingredients in marijuana, stop the development of and kill cancer. Read it for yourself. A quick google search on “cannabis and cancer” will yield eye-opening results. Example (from the US government’s cancer website):

Although many mainstream media outlets are conservative about the findings, studies conducted abroad have found that THC injected into tumors kills the tumors and stops further growth. Do you think that might have an impact on the $80 billion a year industry in the US? I thought so.

Food (or should I say munchies) for thought.

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nina anakar @ninaanakar 7 years, 1 month ago

WHY did this topic not get more answers!!! @brockheubusch @kimberly @chaseknudsen @jordanbosstick ?!? I think it’s so important! This just goes to show HOW LITTLE it has been in the news.


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