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Isabelle Granter @issabell 6 years, 2 months ago

I think its also important to remember the impact that outside influences have on economic success or failure.

Sometimes it depends less on economic policy and more on the times. For example, world war two bolstered the US economy and pulled us out of the great depression. This would have happened with or without FDR’s new deal programs.

Disasters and warfare as well as supply &demand, technology development, and countless other factors all influence the international economy. There are circumstances when either philosophy will fail, and ones when either will succeed. There are also circumstances when one may be more successful than the other.

Basically, I think that its all conditional. This is why people should focus on ISSUES over IDEOLOGY! (go volkalize!!)

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Zakery Daniel @conservativezak 6 years, 2 months ago

You’re forgetting Hayek. Hayek was a lot more famous in the mid-20th century though. Keynes theory was correct when taken how he originally put it, not how it has been put by modern intellectuals. Keynes hypothesized that this spending would get you out of the recession only if you were not already interfering in the government beforehand.


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