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Avatar of Gary
Gary @grand-vizier 7 years ago

I am a right wing, conservative, straight ,old white man and I completely agree with you.
Rights are either rights for everyone or no one!
I disagree with the LGBT lifestyle but consider what works for others to be NONE of my business unless it adversly effects MY rights.
Generally I don’t believe LGBT rights will do that.
Government should stick to doing the least damage possible to its citizens .
On the other hand we really MUST control our borders.

Avatar of nina anakar
nina anakar @ninaanakar 7 years ago

I agree with Gary and Isabelle, and it is refreshing to hear Gary’s unique stance given his right wing status.

Avatar of Two Cents
Two Cents @twocents 7 years ago

I am extremely tired of this whole argument. JUST LET THEM HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS. I don’t understand why everyone cares so much what other people do with their lives, sexual partners, etc. Conservatives and Republicans: You claim to be small government and want government out of your lives? Well then practice what you preach, here is your chance. Give gays equal rights. I think its great that @Grand-Vizier is courageous enough as a self proclaimed right winger to announce his support for equal rights for everyone. Go Gary!

The argument that there will be more fraud if we allow immigrants to come to the United States through same sex marriage is stupid. Sorry, but just because two men or two women can get married doesn’t change the fact that anyone can commit fraud. A man and a women are just as likely to commit immigration fraud as two men or two women. Get over it people. Let the LGBT community do what they want, and give them the same rights that you enjoy.


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