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Avatar of Isabelle Granter
Isabelle Granter @issabell 6 years, 7 months ago

as far as Snowden goes, I think its a matter of principle. I do not think that his intentions were malicious (although they may have been harmful)….but we cant just have people posing as agents, breaking contracts and disclosing information.

what if someone else decides to leak other top secret plans to the public, for the benefit of terrorists? where is the line drawn? who decides what is for the greater good, and what is not? he broke the law, he knew he broke the law, therefor he should face whatever the consequences may be

Avatar of Gary
Gary @grand-vizier 6 years, 7 months ago

I go back and forth on Snowden.
I think his choices of countries to flee to are troubling.
Clapper is a different kettle of fish.
I think he should be prosecuted under every possible violation of the laws.
If the Goverment believes it is entitled to lie to the people they serve it will be the end of Freedom!

Avatar of Two Cents
Two Cents @twocents 6 years, 7 months ago

Watch the video of him lying:

He is obviously lying, look how uncomfortable he gets. He wont even look anybody in the eye. Now I just wonder if any national security policies required him to lie? If this information was classified, can he be prosecuted for lying? Does anybody know the answer to that question @epharmd @grand-vizier @issabell



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