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Avatar of Brock Heubusch
Brock Heubusch @brock 6 years ago

The GOP needs to spread the big tent to the growing constituency of educated young libertarians who have dissociated themselves with traditional religious-core backed issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage views held by the right.

An entire generation of college graduates has become disenfranchised–seeking to uphold the ideals of responsible spending and reduction of de-incentivizing taxation, excessive entitlement and Federal power while allowing states to uphold their own laws regarding social issues.

Avatar of nathalie
nathalie @nathaliedacosta 6 years ago


considering the state of things in Washington, how from official acceptance of this new brand of conservatism do you think that the GOP is as a whole?

Avatar of Brock Heubusch
Brock Heubusch @brock 6 years ago

@Nathalie I have to say I don’t think it will be received very well. I don’t think it has a good shot at happening. Far right religious conservatives are too hard-line. Too set in their ways for the most part to allow for any deviation in regards to these policies.

Republicans need a strong libertarian candidate who can bridge the gap–without accepting corporate campaign contributions. A near impossible task.

Avatar of Two Cents
Two Cents @twocents 6 years ago

Rand Paul will gain support on the coasts. I think Ca republicans and libertarians will go for him over a Democrat or Republican. However, when it comes down to November 6th, he will not be so lucky. I am personally torn on the issue of the GOP leaning toward libertarianism. If the GOP abandons their socially conservative principles, I feat that they will lose a large portion of their enthusiastic and engaged voters. However, times are changing, and libertarians are gaining momentum. I personally believe the GOP would be wise to start advocating for PERSONAL social conservatism, and TRUE limited government. Realize that the government’s role is separate from society’s role to educate and cultivate morality. We will never eradicate some of the social injustices the socially conservative are against, such as drug use and abortion. However on the other side, we shouldn’t be funding abortion with tax payer dollars, and we shouldn’t be giving our tax dollars to drug addicts through entitlement programs. Social issues should remain social choices, rather than government regulated. Both sides of the aisle need to realize. Its unfair to blame the conservatives for being the party that is out of line when it comes to social issues. I think both parties are equally divided.

Avatar of Gary
Gary @grand-vizier 6 years ago

Libertarians will never stand a chance until the perception that a vote for the Libertarians assures a Liberal democratic victory.
That day may be drawing nearer.
I spent all last week traveling in Florida ( I live in California) with stops in Texas.
Many of the people I spoke to were Republicans. However as the conversations progressed the topic always got around to the Libertarians and it always went the same way.
Almost none of the random people I spoke to,really liked the Republican party anymore. They just dislike the liberals even more.
Citizens are crying for less government intrusion,less utter wasteful spending paid for by ever higher taxes,fees and debt.
Most people I talk to are NOT religious fundamentalists,is they are religious at all.
Most just want to be left alone to make the best life for themselves and their families.
The libertarian belief is really strong but just about everyone thinks a Libertarian vote splits the Republican vote and give the country to the Liberals and they fear that most of all.
We need to find a way to get over this barrier.
One thing is obvious from the recent scandals. Time is late.We are near to actual goverment takeover.
The Liberals are entrenched in the schools teaching student to be better morons.
The liberals have filled the government agencies like the IRS,FBI,FEC,EPA,and Labor and State departments with Liberal dreamers.
When you watch college students and average pedestrians being intervied on the street it is shocking how ignorant the “average” person is. And rember,if they are average,50% of the people are stupider.


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