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kimberly @ladylibertarian 6 years, 9 months ago

This is a tough topic to pick one side black or white. Ben Bernanke wrote his doctoral thesis on the great depression, so he is literally one of the most well informed people out there on “the theory” of how to regenerate an economy. I certainly don’t think printing money is helping out one bit. A few years ago Brazil defaulted on their debt and it forced the country to completely revamp how it spent its money. They are now doing significantly better.

The spending of the U.S. is atrocious. But whenever someone proposes a cut to funding one side or the other freaks out about the necessity of that specific sector. My generation, or at least I, have come to the conclusion that social security will be nonexistent when I’m old and nearing retirement. When SS was initially created with the retiring age of 62, the average person lived to be somewhere around 65. We have vastly extended the average life expectancy but people still expect to be able to retire at the same age and reap the benefits until the die around 80.

Just one of many things to think about when considering the ridiculousness of our government. It’s run by entitled idiots, and there are so many of them that it makes it near impossible to get anything done. The joy of bureaucracy

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Gary @grand-vizier 6 years, 9 months ago

There a lot of doctorial thesis out there written by people that history proves WRONG and ben’s may very well be one of them.
Im sorry but in my secret dreams I confess I think maybe the best solution for the federal government is a swarm of us “peasants with torches,tar and feathers”marching on the capital and “throwing the bums out”
Yes ,I know,never happen and it would certainly not be the way to solve the problem,but DAMN it sounds so FINE!
The reality is the voters ,greatly uninformed and unbelievably ignorant of their own best interests ,by and large keep electing these polititions who do not either understand what they are doing or simply don’t care.
When laws are passed that no one reads or understands and is sent to agencies who write the rules that the elected representaives will never read and enforced buy others, who it seems no one has responsibility for,what else could be expected.

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Elaine @rollinbones 6 years, 9 months ago

It is a tough topic. Nevertheless, the problem of deficit spending won’t solve itself. I believe Congress has abdicated the decision to the “polls.” So afraid of not getting re-elected, they will only do what the polls say people will accept. Do parents allow their children to say when they’ve had enough candy? Or toys? Or playtime?

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Gary @grand-vizier 6 years, 8 months ago

Actually we are really lucky when they pay aattention to the polls instead of just letting the bureaucrats do what ever they want


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