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Brandon Killian @brandonkillian 7 years, 11 months ago

I praise the Obama admin. for it’s efforts to stop the Keystone pipeline. Our country needs to end it’s addiction to oil. It’s high time for an investment in a clean and sustainable future. The private market is clearly failing to do this – and that is exactly where the gov’t must step in.

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Anonymous @ 7 years, 11 months ago

@brandonkillian Ever heard of Solyndra? Or the other billions spent on green energy programs for this exact utopian “future” that you envision? Take off your rose-tinted glasses – government spending only goes towards political ends for political allies and donors.

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nathalie @nathaliedacosta 7 years, 11 months ago

Why should job creation now effect our investment in a clean, sustainable future? I’m all for clean energy, but oil is still a necessity. The pipeline creates jobs here in the US and helps us become energy dependent. It doesn’t inhibit our ability to develop clean energy for future use!

That being said, I would still like to see a full environmental report. We all know that private industry tends to be corrupt and money hungry when it comes to oil (just recently saw Dirty Energy — up there with Food, Inc. as a must see documentary) but I believe it is possible to drill responsibly to some extent.

Not building the pipeline won’t make us independent from our oil addiction, it will force us to get our oil elsewhere. I think that we have to perfect a source of clean energy before we can decide not to drill. You can’t shoot first ask questions later.

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Andrew @smittyboss1 7 years, 11 months ago

We have all of this oil up in Alaska, and Obama wants to stop getting jobs, and a possibly energy independent America for technology such as wind and solar power that is both expensive and impractical. The technology doesn’t exist for us to use renewable resources at a low cost and high practicality, so full speed ahead on the pipeline, I say.

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kimberly @ladylibertarian 7 years, 11 months ago

I’m torn on this subject primarily because of how much power big oil has in D.C. If it weren’t for the horrible environmental disasters that have plagued this country from oil spills, pipeline leaks, etc… i would be all for it. unfortunately, countries that don’t get as much media attention have been dealing with big oil literally coming in and ruining tribal villages because of their lack of environmental concern. However, depending on the middle east for our oil is also causing major problems due to the nature of this valuable commodity and how our country wants to go about policing the other side of the world and backing regimes so multinational oil companies can come in and reap the rewards.

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mamajay @mamajay 7 years, 9 months ago

God forbid we have an oil spill out of that pipeline, but I’d much rather see the U.S. get its oil from our northern neighbors who are our friends, than from the Middle East. We continue to become dependent on other countries for fuel, for debt relief, for goods that we have stopped producing ourselves. I don’t want to be protectionist on every level, but I want us strong and capable of caring for and supplying our own people. It seems like such a clear good thing to take care of ourselves rather than pay others for what we can produce. Am I missing something?


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