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Gary @grand-vizier 7 years, 10 months ago

DO YOU MISS ME YET ???? (George Bush)
Lets count the results of our Nobel Prize winning President. (had you forgotten that?)
Guantanimo still open.
Fast and Furious.
National Debt out of control.
High unemployment (especially among young and minorities,biggest Obama supporters).
Taxes higher.
IRS scandals.
Labor council appointments illegal.
Press investigations scandals.
Middle East in shables,Bengahzi,Egypt Syria.
Recent disclosure of secret Israeli base.
Total loss of russian respect.
China hacking our computers.
Evasive,misleading comments from nearly everyone in the administration.Does ANYONE believe anything they say now?
Obama care cost over runs to infinity.
HHS illegally seeking “donations”from the companies they regulate in direct contravention of congress.
NSA tracking EVERYONE using Verizon and who knows if it stops there.
The new NSA advisor Rice misleading (lying) about the tapes startind the attack or our Ambassador.
Louis Learner (check into her service at the Federal Election Commision also)
Fail to prosecute when video tapes clearly showed voter intimidation.Including carrying clubs while standing infront of polling places!
I will bet those of you who read this can think of things I forgot to mention,please make additions if you think of them.

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Jordan Bosstick @jordanbosstick 7 years, 10 months ago

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Jordan Bosstick @jordanbosstick 7 years, 10 months ago

The ACLU just filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over this whole thing! The ACLU is a Verizon customer, and is representing themselves in the lawsuit. This should get interesting….

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Pete Johnson @petejohnsoniv 7 years, 10 months ago

Gary I have nothing to say to your post except WOW. If you really think that all those things are Obama’s fault you are a truly ignorant person with a little to no knowledge of how things work. Even stout republicans will admit George Bush was hands down one of the worst things to happen to America. Obama may have not done all he has promised but he has been trying to clean up a huge mess left by Bush while combating extreme right wing republicans. People need to stop pointing fingers and come together as a nation to fix things, but then again we have people like you so maybe that’s why we are so screwed…

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Dom Ouano @domouano 7 years, 10 months ago

A COMPLETELY legitimate analogy popped into my head while I was debating this with my dad.

My dad thinks that our security is important & that we (as in our family) have nothing to hide so we shouldn’t have a problem with the government monitoring our phone calls. The thing is we all have things to hide, such as our bank info & financial security among other things. Yes it’s great that the government can hunt down criminals with their special formulas on monitored communications. But what about a criminal who wants to listen to a call I make to the bank & snag all my security information? Is that a double standard or what?

Anyway, on to the analogy that popped into my head. I get that the (hopefully sincere) intention of this program is to prevent destruction. Well, I run a business. What if I’m under the suspicion that a competitor wants to deliberately put me out of business & take all my market share? It’s completely illegal for me to bug their phones under the probable cause that they may be plotting to destroy my business. Clearl, my objective would be to prevent destruction, yet that would be completely illegal for me to do (not to mention immoral, unethical, & just not cool).

What are your thoughts & feelings? Agree? Disagree? Confused by my analogy? Got more analogies? Let’s Volkalize.

Disclaimer: I have a very healthy relationship with my dad & we still love each other even though we disagree every now & then. I also have a very healthy relationship with all my competitors & have no intention of bugging anybody’s phone ever.

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Gary @grand-vizier 7 years, 10 months ago

The director of the FBI’s statement that the NSA data collection COULD have prevented 9/11 is such a load of B***S***.
A good fortune teller or weggie board COULD have done so as well. So could the FBI listening to the flight training schools who raised questions.
So COULD myrid other things in hindsight,none of which involve spending untold billions of dollars and violate our privacy rights.
All these EXPERTS are just feathering their nests and pet projects.
Do you think Google supports this because of a sense of doing puplic good or because they get paid big money.
A passenger/pilot flight attendant carring a concealed .45 COULD have stopped 9/11 a hell of a lot better than all these data storage sites put together for about $600 bucks.
We are spending so much money on anti terror when simpler,but less politically correct solutions,would be far better.
The terriorists are winning. For a relatively few bucks they are crushing our freedoms and economy.

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Luann Keller @luannkeller 7 years, 10 months ago

Government is wasting resources managing a huge data without justification. They can get a proper warrant and present a search criteria to businesses. That warrant will allow them access to data that indicates possible terrorism and the judge should limit the data to reasonably protect4th ammendment.

The claim that innocents have nothing to fear is very wrong. Suppose you decide to run for office and a government agent wants your opponent to win.. He gets a favor from a fellow agent and he has info to leak about your wife or children. Now that information can go to work to run you off and harm your family.. You did nothing wrong, maybe your family did nothing wrong, but they may have a relationship with someone who did wrong or someone who was very opinionated or disliked.


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