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Gary @grand-vizier 7 years, 4 months ago

I see a few points that need to be addressed.
The definition of Liberals and Conservatives are reversed in Russia (did you know that?)
In Russia the conservatives want the Government and friends to own/ run everything.
Putin in Russia is both a conservative and Dictator.
Liberals in Russia want less Government control and more (some) individual liberty along with actual freedom of speech and honest elections instead of revolving doors where Putin makes Medved President for a term so Putin can return to office again in direct violation of their “Constitution”.
Russia and China are blood enemies .they fear each other far more than us.
Russia is powerful ONLY because it has lots of Nukes,oil,and gas.
Russia has virtually no real economy other than natural resources.
Other than Vodka ,which is also made everywhere else,name a Russian product made there and marketed worldwide.
It seems China and to a lesser extent India makes everything these days.we concern ourselves with losing jobs to them.
Have you ever heard we are losing jobs to Russia?
That Russia has always had a dictatorship is not evidence the people want one,perhaps they do but it remains to be seen.
They have really never had an honest chance to find out.
At the moment Russia/Putins interests are not in line with ours so we will not make any progress with negotiations with them until and unless they have something to gain by negotiating with us.
Obama keeps folding under Putins demands so there is no need for him to actually concede anything to us. Just watching them together you can tell Putin holds Obama in disdain .
You do not need to concern yourself with forcing LGBT rights or anything else on Russia. We are unable to force Russia to do anything at the moment other than laugh at us.
When Biden went to visit Putin he was kept waiting in the outer office for hours,until Putin finally decided to admit him.
Russians ,like the rest of the world respect power ,first,last and at all times.
Nations have interests,not friends.
If you have great power Nations will want your friendship,without it,not so much.


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