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Avatar of Julia Wotten
Julia Wotten @juliaw 7 years, 10 months ago

I don’t understand why the Republicans are so against immigrants? Technically, all of the ancestors of today’s “citizens” of this country were immigrants. This is a nation built of immigrants, so why would you avoid immigration reform to help the individuals that help make our nation strong. Marco Rubio’s bill was ridiculous. He have free phones for immigrants in it. This is why Republicans lose credibility, because they back a bill without even reading it. If you had read the bill you would have known it had free phones for immigrants and I hope Republicans would have killed the bill. The Democrats control the Senate and the Whitehouse, they have a majority and I think they should vote on immigration reform and force the House to vote on it, showing the Republicans for what they are, the PARTY OF NO, as you also explained above. And what is so bad with helping people by giving them benefits when they first arrive in the United States. Its not easy being an immigrant, not speaking the language, and having to find work. Some people need benefits to kick start their American Dream. Especially right now when there is little work in the United States, we have to help these people start their lives, get an education, and make a life for themselves in the land of the (somewhat) free.

Avatar of John Grant
John Grant @johng405 7 years, 10 months ago

Legal immigration makes the country great. Over 1 million people legally immigrate to the US every year, the largest single group of which are from Mexico. So this isn’t about immigrants or people with brown skin.

It’s about the criminality in the executive branch. About making the illegitimate legitimate. About stealing the bureaucracy to crush political opponents and break laws to keep power. Making the illegal legal to benefit a particular political agenda.

That’s what Gang of 8 is all about.

The illegal bureaucracy needs to be dealt with before we can trust that bureaucracy to deal with illegal immigrants.

Avatar of James L. Riggs
James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com 7 years, 10 months ago

Julia Wotten here are just a few of the reasons why we need to stop criminal entry into this country and why we should not let the amnesty bill pass.

Let’s start with the fact that we still have millions of American citizens that are unemployed, so to make things better for OUR citizens we will glut the work force by legalizing all of these criminals. Once that is done, they will no longer be working at farm jobs or digging ditches somewhere they stay under the radar they are going to be looking to upgrade and that will take away millions of jobs from OUR unemployed.

Next let’s move on to the “benefits”. If we give them a welfare check, food stamps, and a place to live, what will be their incentive to be in any hurry to find work. We already have enough of our own living off the welfare system, for generations. We are already taxed to death paying for the ones already feeding off of us, we don’t need to add millions more to it. If I don’t want these folks here, then why should I have to be squeezed even more than I am to pay for them.

As for education, the U.S. already funds hundreds of scholarships for students from Africa and other countries all over the world. They are all free ride scholarships, WE even pay for their flight over here.

Lastly, most of these illegals have been over here for many, many years, some of them for decades and can’t speak English, nor do most of them want to. Why should they care if they learn our language or not, they are coming into a country that will pander to them. Go into stores, things are marked with English and Spanish, call almost anywhere and you will be asked to push “1″ for English, why do we have to push anything for the language of OUR country? When is enough, enough? Why shouldn’t we be able to say, “No, no more immigrants until we get our economy back on it’s feet.”

Once we have OUR house in order then we can take a look at how many, of what kind of immigrant workers we need in this country, then and only then, start letting some come in. Also, I don’t like the racist way this is being done, If we allow 100 Mexicans in then we should even it all out with 100 Czechs, Poles, Germans, Africans, Russians, etc., until we meet the number of immigrants allowed for that year.

Avatar of Luann Keller
Luann Keller @luannkeller 7 years, 10 months ago

I volunteer in charities that help the working poor which are black, brown & white. They have limited education & limited skills so they work in low skill,low paying jobs. They are pushed out of those jobs by young immigrants. Add to that pressure by a large number of people who sneaked in and you are dooming these legal citizens.

We also cannot afford to help support the illegals with healthcare, housing, food, and education or we will sink safety net programs. Illegals also threaten public health since they bring back diseases previously beaten in USA by vaccination policies. We are seeing TB & whooping cough revived here now.

Immigration reform is needed: the legal process should be quicker and less costly. Illegal immigrants hurt legal immigrants most.

Avatar of Luann Keller
Luann Keller @luannkeller 7 years, 10 months ago

Any GOP bill, no matter how good, will be gutted & “reconciled” into a very harmful bill. GOP needs to make a better case for the conservative opinions they should represent but the microphone is always aimed at the lips of ignorant GOP leaders like Lindsay Graham.

Avatar of mamajay
mamajay @mamajay 7 years, 9 months ago

First, my friends, I’d like writers in this forum to purge the urge to lump all Republicans, all Democrats, all illegals, into any position. We MUST recognize and honor the complexity of what we’re talking about! Legislation is complicated! Bills are often stopped in one house of Congress or the other for very legitimate reasons, that have nothing to do with hating the other party or being mean, as I hear Republicans being called.

We are so fortunate to have this forum, but it will be most useful to all if we admit we don’t know everything and seek to listen and understand.


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