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Are you tired of bias in mainstream media? Do you feel the news doesn’t cover issues that directly affect and inform your life? encourages you to discuss them here.

Volkalize hopes to spark unbiased political discussions on the web. We are a platform for you to express your personal opinions and have a voice in the political narrative of our country.

This is how it works; Volkalize lets you decide what’s newsworthy. You can create a discussion on any political topic you’d like, and then we make it easy for people to engage and get informed on the issues that matter to you.

Frustrated with national politics? Debate with people from all over the country on our trending topics page.

Have an issue you want to promote in your local community? Start a discussion topic on Volkalize and email or share it with your friends and family to raise the awareness you want.

Because you deserve credit for your thoughts, Volkalize makes sure your name appears next to the discussions that you start as well as the comments that you add.

And, we let you link your Volkalize profile to your personal webpage, blog, donation page and all other social media platforms so that people can connect with you outside of Volkalize and take the conversation as far as it can go.

On Volkalize, we want the people to power political discussions. You create the topics, you provide the facts and opinions, you educate your friends and spread the word. As human beings, it is our responsibility to be actively aware, to create the world we want to live in.

We are giving you the power, so use it.



Jordan Bosstick
Volkalize LLC.

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